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Car Wash Machine Car Wash Machine Car Wash Machine Car Wash Machine Car Wash Machine
Car Wash Machine
Car Wash Machine Car Wash Machine Car Wash Machine Car Wash Machine

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With a firm commitment to quality, we have emerged as an Indian-based renowned supplier of Car Wash Machine. It is a rollover designed for wash facilities with a capacity of 400 to 1200 vehicles a month. The entire structure of this machine is made of finest grade hot dip galvanized steel with 50 thickness levels. The service lines of this system are attached to the energy chain. The electricity-driven circuits of this system are useful for its automatic functioning. The nozzle circuits and shampoo circuit of this Car Wash Machine are equipped with a pneumatic dosing pump for its trouble-free functioning.

Specification of Car Wash Machine:

Country of Origin

Made in India

Packaging Type


Nozzle Size


Model Name/Number


Motor Speed

1450 RPM

Operating Pressure

150 BAR



Motor Power

3 HP






Garage Vehicle,Bike,Car,Truck

Flow Rate

8 L/min.

Hose Length

10 Metre

Is it Portable


Motor Phase

Three Phase

Motor Rating

3 HP

Power Source

Electric Motor


150 Bar


1 Year


45 KG

FAQs of Car Wash Machine:

Q1: What is a Car Wash Machine?

A car wash machine is a mechanical gadget intended to clean vehicles utilizing a blend of water, cleaning specialists, brushes, and different systems. It mechanizes the vehicle cleaning process, offering comfort and effectiveness.

Q2: How do programmed car wash machines work?

Programmed car wash machines ordinarily have a transport framework that moves the vehicle through various phases of cleaning. These stages can incorporate pre-splashing, scouring with brushes or water jets, applying cleaning specialists, flushing, and drying.

Q3: What's the contrast among touchless and brush-based car wash machines?

Touchless car wash machines utilize high-pressure water planes and cleaning specialists to eliminate soil without actual contact, lessening the gamble of surface scratches. Brush-based machines use pivoting brushes to scour the vehicle's surface clean.

Q4: Might car at any point wash machines harm a vehicle's paint or finish?

While current car wash machines are intended to limit harm, ill-advised use or failing hardware can in any case possibly make scratches or harm the vehicle's paint or finish. Normal support and utilizing legitimate car wash offices can assist with relieving chances.

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